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Consumer’s Choice Top 10 Diet Pills of 2014

1,214 Reviews

#1 Lipomin - Get The Slim And Trim Body You Want!


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 97%
Retail Pice: $99.95
Our Sales Price: From $38.32 to $48.95

Lipomin is the new king of the diet pill hill! It has worked its way to the top of rankings boasting amazing overall effectiveness and safety faster than any other diet pill. Consumers and experts are raving about the results that they are seeing with Lipomin. Lipomin contains 5 patented and proven ingredients designed to boost metabolism, block fat and reduce appetite. Users simply love the lack of side effect, improved weight loss power, and the simple fact that they only need to take one small capsule per day. Customer feedback for Lipomin is the highest we have seen in years. Why Does Lipomin Work So Well? Lipomin uses clinically proven ingredients in precise dosages for maximum effect! On top of it all, Lipomin is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Learn More…

908 Reviews

#2 Liponox - Most Powerful Diet Pill Available


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 97%
Retail Pice: $79.95
Our Sales Price: From $43.66 to $54.99

Widely considered the Most Powerful Diet Pill on the market, Liponox delivers an advance formula to deliver high performance weight loss. The breakthrough weight loss science found by the makers of Liponox have isolated the key command center of the body that controls weight loss, appetite and metabolism. By working with your body and the hypothalamus, Liponox takes your weight loss efforts to the next level by altering effects mimicking what goes on in the hypothalamus. Liponox contains proven weight loss ingredients that can help improve metabolism and decrease appetites while increasing energy levels. Had it not been for the safety level, Liponox would have easily been our #1 diet pill. Learn More…

763 Reviews

#3 Best Sellers Pack - The Key To Fast Weight Loss


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 96%
Retail Pice: $229.85
Our Sales Price: From $89.98 to $99.95

The Best Sellers Pack is the #1 way to ensure safe, sustainable weight loss. By packaging the 3 most effective diet pills, you’ll be getting the perfect weight loss solution tailored for you and your weight loss needs. With over 50% discounted off our lowest prices, you can get the Best Seller’s Pack for ONLY $99.95! Learn More…

879 Reviews

#4 Obesitrol - Take Control Of Your Weight!


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 93%
Retail Pice: $49.95
Our Sales Price: From $16.98 to $18.95

Choosing to be healthy and fit is the most rewarding decision you can ever make. Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies don’t allow us to get into the shape that we want as it’s become used to sitting around and eating unhealthy. Don’t wait any longer to get the results that you want! Start taking control of your weight and take 1 pill of Obesitrol twice every day for the best slimming and trimming results your body can have! Obesitrol is designed to help you to achieve that fit body by targeting the problem areas of your body that retain fat and breaking them apart so you can start building up lean muscle in its place. It also has the ability to boost your metabolism so that you are constantly burning away those calories and providing your body with the energy you need throughout your busy day! Learn More…

551 Reviews

#5 VPX Meltdown - Live Powerfully


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: None Learn More
Reorder Rate: 81%
Retail Pice: $64.95
Our Sales Price: From $34.95 to $34.95

VPX Meltdown is one of the most advanced scientific fat loss innovations of the last 10 years. Meltdown is designed to increase metabolic rate and control cravings! Meltdown has an all-star ingredient profile of exclusive fat loss compounds designed to burn fat faster and longer by creating a thermogenic storm inside your body! Meltdown will radically increase energy levels, increase mental acuity and alertness and induce an intense mood-altering euphoric effect that is going to re-write fat loss biochemistry. Meltdown could be the greatest fat loss invention of the 21st Century! Learn More…

514 Reviews

#6 Lipovox - The All Natural Weight Loss Pill


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 91%
Retail Pice: $211.99
Our Sales Price: From $19.95 to $19.99

Losing weight is not all that fun especially when you are dieting and exercising and still seeing no results. Keeping up the motivation to keep dieting and exercising can be difficult at this point and down right near impossible to keep up. Luckily Lipovox is the answer for people struggling to keep up the motivation to lose weight. Lipovox helps you lose weight faster so that you can see the results that you are expecting after working so hard to shed the pounds. Consumers are losing nearly twice as much weight and noticing results even FASTER. Learn More…

0 Reviews

#7 Colovexus - Drop Pounds By Cleaning And Detoxifying!


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 90%
Retail Pice: $87.99
Our Sales Price: From $28.33 to $38.99

Colovexus is ultra premium advanced 2-stage colon cleanser. It contains the best colon cleansing ingredients that are safe and 100% natural. Colovexus cleanses and detoxifies your colon and then purifies and replenishes vital organs by restoring vital nutrients. This helps them to perform and function like they are a fine tuned engine. Colovexus is the first complete body and the best colon cleanser for weight loss to contain 7 patented and 2 trademarked powerful colon cleansing ingredients. Colovexus will help you get rid of all that waste and improve your overall health! Learn More…

1,119 Reviews

#8 7-DFBX - Lose Weight In Only 7 Days


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 94%
Retail Pice: $49.99
Our Sales Price: From $18.31 to $18.95

7-DFBX is the ultimate detox diet pill designed for short term weight loss! At first we were very skeptical to believe such weight loss was ever possible, but what we do know is that 7-DFBX has had a long track record of safe and effective weight loss. 7-DFBX remains one of the most popular weight loss pills on the market today. With an amazing formula featuring 34 of the most powerful detoxification and weight metabolizing ingredients, 7-DFBX will eliminate built up toxins, undigested waste, and improve metabolism, leading to weight loss. We fell in love with the fact that 7-DFBX has one of the greatest values– selling for under $20! Learn More…

844 Reviews

#9 SlimVox - Get The Perfect, Sexy Body!


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 91%
Retail Pice: $79.99
Our Sales Price: From $38.32 to $38.99

The medical marvel known as SlimVox has been the hottest diet pill on the market for years. While there may be hundreds of diet pills designed for women, SlimVox is the only all- around diet pill made for women by women. Targeting the specific curves of a woman, SlimVox is designed to promote weight loss, eliminate adult acne, and increase libido. SlimVox works with a powerful, all-natural formula designed to adjust the hormonal imbalance that often leads to unwanted weight gain, acne, and a lack of a sexual desire. By repairing and maintaining this hormonal imbalance, users have become more confident in their appearances. See what America’s #1 diet pill for women can do for you! Learn More…

599 Reviews

#10 Anoretix - Time To Get High School Skinny!


Overall Rating:


Guarantee: 90 Day Learn More
Reorder Rate: 85%
Retail Pice: $79.99
Our Sales Price: From $41.99 to $45.99

Anoretix has worked its way up to the list because of its overall effictiveness and safety. Both consumers and experts agree that Anoretix is the most effective diet pill on the market. Experts say that the formula of Anoretix which contains 9 patented ingredients work to help reduce hunger, increase metabolsim, and reduce the amount of carbs that are taken in by the body. Consumers of Anoretix equally claim the greatness of this weight loss pill. The Customer Feedback for Anoretix is the highest we have seen in years. Why does Anoretix work wo well? Anoretix uses clinically studied ingredients and precise amounts. By combining the best weight loss ingredients on the market Anoretix is bound to work. On top of all this Anoretix is backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Learn More…